What makes the Lighting Strike roller screed so fast, powerful and easy to use?  The answer lies in the versatility and power of our motors. Our motors prevail when it comes to dependability and precision, with key features like the hex driver and socket system providing the power and performance needed to get any job done. With three offerings available, the motor options on the Lightning Strike match every unique need and jobsite. Whether it’s freedom from cords and hoses on outdoor sites, or indoor projects that require emissions free operation, the Lightning Strike gives you the power to choose the power that’s right for you.


Gas Motor

It’s heavy- duty, without the heavy. A lightweight design combines with robust power, allowing the Honda 50cc gas motor to deliver efficient, easy operation for any crew. Best of all, no cords, no hoses – no hassles!50cc Gas Motor

Designed for ultimate productivity and versatility, the Lighting Strike’s gas motor comes equipped with an articulating handle, which keeps the motor upright during work on steep grades or uneven ground. Additionally, the innovative gearbox allows the flexibility to attach screed tubes on either side of the motor, giving you the freedom to screed on both sides of the motor. And the system allows for fast, easy change from forward to reverse. Simply detach the gearbox from the screed section and adjust the motor – further enhancing efficiency and time-savings.


Electric Motors

Our powerful electric motors go places and handle pours others can’t. The dual-drive motor offers the reliability, power and efficiency you want, with the emissions-free operation you need for indoor applications. Additionally, the electric motor combines with Lura’s center pin pivot to handle slope pours and radius corners seamlessly and effectively.

Dual-Drive Electric Motor
The dual functions of the dual-drive electric motors allow maximum versatility, enabling operation from the center or either side. Additionally, reverse capabilities are possible thanks to the motor’s pass-through drive system – simply detach, adjust, reattach and go!

Dual-Drive Electric Motor